Wakeboarding is the ‘snowboarding’ of the water – With the board strapped to your feet, we tow beginners around 16mph and more experienced riders around 22mph. Any previous snowboarding, skateboarding, or kiteboarding will aid in the learning experience, but it’s by no means a necessity.




Wakesurfing is a new and exciting watersport that’s taking the wakeboarding scene by storm. Where water is pumped into the hulls of the boat to provide ballast, which in turn produces a big wake off the back of the boat for you to ‘surf’ on. Once you’re up, you use the wave to propel yourself forwards rather than using the pull from the boat as in wakeboarding or water skiing. If you haven’t tried wakesurfing yet, you’re missing out. The ultimate goal of wakesurfing is to throw the rope and find the ‘sweet spot’ – allowing you to ride a never-ending wave.


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